Monday, July 11, 2011


THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR by Ray Kurzweil, read by George K. Wilson

Kurzweil predicts that, in the near future, human brain power and computers will become one. Wilson narrates with an assured pace that allows the listener to consider each complex idea. Reviewed by Bob Grundfest.

Listen now. Time 2:51

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I've interviewed several scientists working in robotics in Japan for an article I wrote for Cosmos magazine. I asked them this question, about the singularity. They said it will happen, but it's unlikely to happen by 2045, not only because Moore's Law cannot continue exponentially (due to technological limits) but because quantum computing and theory is only in its infancy, and mimicking the human consciousness is almost infinitely more complex. Their assessment was that it may be 100 years or more for the singularity to be achieved, "if ever."
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